- Kaeranjjim: Steamed egg in hot pot.
- Pajeon: Pan-fried spring onion and seafood pancakes.
- Kimchi jeon: Pan-fried Kimchi pancakes.
- Tubu jeon: Fried bean curd
- Bindae dok : Mung bean pancakes.
- Hobak jeon: Pan-fried thinly sliced courgette.
- Saingsun joen: Pan fried cod fish.
- Goonmandu: Fried meat dumping with beef.
- Modum jeon: Assorted pan fried food.(for 3 to 4 people)
- Ojolpan: Five different pan fried dishes.(for 2 people)
- Gaesal jeon: Fried crab stick meat in beaten egg.
- Gui twigim: Deep fried oyster.
- Yuk hoe: Raw stripes of tender beef with pine nut, pears and egg.


- Kimchi: Pickled cabbages with salt and chilli powder.
- Kakrdukee: Pickled radish with salt and chilli powder.
- Oee Kimchi: Picked cucumber with salt and chilli powder.
- Modum Kimchi: Kimchi set.
- Muwoochae namul: Shredded radish namul.
- Shikumchi namul: Spinach seasoned with spicery.
- Sookju namul: Bean sprouts seasoned with spicery.
- Oee namul: Thinly sliced cucumber seasoned with spicery.
- Assorted namul
- Kim: Dried seaweed seasoned with salt and sesame oil and toasted.

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