- Tteok bokgi: Rice cake with vegetables.(Spicy)
- Tangsuyuk: Sweet & sour chicken or pork.
- Ggampoonggi: Sauted chicken with spicy sauce.
- Hongeo hoe: Thinly Sliced raw skate seasoned with spicy sauce.
- Jok muchim: Beef calves specially prepared in Korean way.
- Jap chae: Noodles with meat and vegetables.
- Ojingeo hoe: Steamed squid served with chilli sauce.
- Kimchi bokum: Fried Kimchi.
- Bossam kimchi: boiled, sliced pork served with pickled cabbage leaves to wrap.
- Samgye tang: Chicken stew stuffed with sweet rice and ginseng. (Ginseng chicken)
- Kimchi Jjim: Steamed kimchi, pork and tofu.
- Dubu kimchi: Fried kimchi with tofu and pork.


- Saeu twigim: Deep-fried prawn.
- Sangsun gui: Grilled salmon or mackerel.
- Saeu bokum: Fried Prawn with chilli sauce and vegetable.
- Ojingeo bokum: Fried squid with chilli sauce and vegetable.


- Yache twigim: Deep fried mixed vegetables.
- Salad: Fresh vegetable salad with salad cream.
- Yache bokum: Stir fried vegetables.
- Yache gui: Vegetables for BBQ.
- Sang chi: Fresh lettuce to have with BBQ meat.
- Sukju bokum: Pan fried bean sprout with garlic and soya sauce.
- Bosot bokum: Fried mushroom.


- Bokum udong: Fried noodle with mixed vegetables.
- Somyon: Hot noodles soup.
- Naengmyeon: Buckwheat noodles in a cold broth.
- Bibim naengmyeon: Buckwheat noodles with hot spicy sauce.
- Hoe naengmyeon: Bibim naengmyen with spicy raw skate.


- Bap: Steamed rice
- Bokum bap: Special fried rice.
- Maeun tang: Spicy hot stew with seafood.
- Yukgaejang: Spicy beef soup with vegetables.
- Doengjang jjigae: Soybean paste stew with seafood.
- Kimchi jjigae: Kimchi stew with pork.
- Mandu guk: Dumpling soup with meat broth.
- Seolleong tang: Beef bone soup.
- Dubu jjigae: Tofu stew with vegetables.
- Guk bab: Boiled rice in beef stock soup with slice beef.
- Kong namul haejang guk: Yellow bean sprout soup.
- Sundubu jjigae: Spicy soft tofu soup with sea food.
- Yokhoe dolsot bibimbap: Steamed rice with vegetables and beef served on a hot stone bowl.
- Dolsot bibimbap: Boiled rice mixed with vegetables and egg in a hot stone bowl.
- Kkori gomtang : Ox tail stock soup.
- Dak dolsot : Steamed rice with vegetables and chicken served on hot stone bowl.
- Daeji dolsot : Steamed rice with vegetables and pork served on hot stone bowl.
- Chan bibimbap: Steamed rice with vegetables.
- Bulnak jeongol: Beef and octopus hot pot (for 2people)
- Kimchi jeongol: Kimchi hot pot with pork (for 2people)


- Fresh fruit
- Melon
- Ice cream
- Ginseng Tea
- Coffee
- Green Tea



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